Doggie Boot Camp

Dog Training

Basic Obedience/Behavior Modification:

We offer three or four week dog training programs. The “basics” are taught in all programs and include “sit,” “stay,” “down,” “come,” “heel” and walking on a leash. Everything but the walking is taught off-leash in an enclosed, safe environment. Should your dog have any behavioral issues, we will help modify that behavior as part of your dog’s training.

While it is up to you how many weeks you want to sign your dog up for, the longer your dog stays in the program, the better the reinforcement when your dog returns home.

House Training:

If all you need is help with house training and nothing else, we can help. Please call and we can discuss your individual situation.

Private Lessons:

We will assess your dog in its home environment and develop a plan to address your concerns. These lessons can be used to correct specific behavior issue or to reinforce positive obedience training.

Free In-Home Consultation:

It is important that we understand what results you are looking to achieve, that we can see the dog’s environment and that you are comfortable with leaving your dog with us. Occasionally, a problem may seem complex but might have a easy solution, which we may not even charge for.

Call us today and schedule a free in-home consultation at 310.780.5092.