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About Doggie Boot Camp

Doggie Boot Camp is an exclusive obedience/behavior modification program located in Los Angeles, Ca.  Only a handful of dogs are taken at a time which allows us to intensely work on your dogs makers and/or rehabilitation. We offer obedience, manners, behavior modification and rehabilitation for dogs. We use positive behavior modification techniques to teach dogs socially acceptable behavior.

In the comfort of your home or at Doggie Boot Camp, your dog will learn socialization skills through practical exercises in actual situations. Problematic anxieties, such as jumping and fleeing from the premises, will become a thing of the past. Basic obedience training will enable your dog to learn commands such as “sit,” “stay,” “down,” “come” and “heel” with ease.

About Our Founder/Head Trainer

David Dickey has been actively involved in the art of "canine behaviorism" for over 30 years. Positive training is the foundation of David’s philosophy. He teaches pet owners how to duplicate these methods to achieve consistent, successful results.

David was born and raised in Manhattan Beach, California. His mom was a school teacher and his father was a school custodian who worked with big cats and rhinos at the Los Angeles and San Diego Zoos during the weekends and summer vacations. From David’s early childhood, he always had animals around and was intrigued and immersed in animal behavior.

When David turned 13, he worked that summer at a family friend’s exotic bird ranch in Fallbrook, CA. After his daily work on the ranch was completed, he would teach the Toucans, Black Swans and other exotics to perform a behavior to receive a treat.

Later, in his teenage years, David worked with a rescue group that rehabilitated and released eagles, hawks and owls. “Those are birds that require some serious respect. I remember there was a Bald Eagle whose wing was injured beyond the ability to be released in the wild. He was kept for educational exhibitions. In order for you to walk into the aviary to feed this bird, you had to follow an exact written behavior protocol. It was entirely your behavior that the bird would react to. I found it fascinating and not too different from other animals. If you varied off of the protocol, the bird would not trust you and you could not walk up to it to give it the food.”

Having a diverse background has helped give David a broader understanding of animal behavior. “There is no such thing as just ‘dog behavior’. Trying to pigeon-hole it like that is a mistake because it leaves so many wonderful training tools off of the table.”

David is a past winner of the South Bays Best Trainer Award and in 2014, to his surprise, he won the South Bay Favorite Trainer Award. “When I won the South Bays Best Trainer I wasn’t too surprised because I had trained an amazing amount of dogs that year. If only a small majority of the clients voted, it would make sense. Last year, on the other hand, was different because our focus has been to train a much lesser number of dogs at a much higher quality. To win the award last year would mean almost everyone we trained must have voted, and probably got their friends to vote, too! It was a wonderful surprise.”

David has written numerous dog behavior articles, appeared on TV as a dog expert and co-authored a scientific study on dog behavior that was published in a peer reviewed journal.

David believes that continually learning new approaches to training is very important. “I enjoy learning from other great trainers, and there are some very talented people out there. It is my experience that the best trainers follow a discipline of patience, kindness, a positive approach and consistency to shape any behavior.”

David has repeatedly surpassed my expectations of dog training...the end results speak for themself! His effective and comprehensive techniques thrill his clients and his outgoing anf professional nature ensures a welcome friendship between all parties involved...He's the best!"

Dr. Van P. Steed, South Shores Pet Clinic